We’ve teamed up with Technogym, the world’s leading provider of premium gym kit. We’ve installed the latest ranges in our club so you can train with the best cardio and resistance machines out there.

Enjoy the natural sensation of running on an adaptive surface and the unique engaging user experience offered by the UNITY™ 3.0 digital console.
Excite® Synchro recreates the movement of the body when walking or running. The natural elliptical movement provides an extremely effective cardio exercise.

Enjoy infinite movement trajectories. Vario follows your stride and adapts automatically to your movement pattern. Its adaptive and no-impact movement assures variety and effectiveness to your training.
Users enjoy the most engaging all-round experience of Athletic Performance Training with SKILLMILL™ Connect, a fully connected product with a large backlit LCD display and data tracking function to assess personal workout parameters and results.

Excite Bike 1000
Enjoy the sensation of riding a real road bike. The biomechanics and ergonomic design offer a variety of positions to help you achieve peak performance.

Cardio Excite Recline 1000
If you are looking for moderate cardio activity and additional comfort, Excite® Recline offers the ideal cycling experience.

CardioExcite Top 1000
Enjoy a more varied, stimulating and effective cardio workout: upper body rotary training improves your fitness, muscular strength, endurance and look.
Element+ Leg Extension
With Leg Extension, you can specifically work out the quadriceps without engaging the lower back in a safe, effective way from a comfortable sitting position.
Element+ Leg Curl
The Leg Curl helps you to work out hamstrings in a safe, effective way from a sitting position.
Element+ Leg Press
The biomechanical and ergonomic Leg Press allows you to strengthen the legs from a comfortable sitting position.
Pure Benches Adjustable Bench
Adjustable Bench is a sleek designed reclining bench with 8 backrest and 3 seat angle settings that lets you perform various exercises, with or without weights and dumbbells. Suitable for use with Olympic Half Rack and Power Rack. Easy to move with integrated wheels and handle.
Element+ Dual Adjustable Pulley
With user-friendly design and advanced biomechanics, Cable Stations Dual Adjustable Pulley enables you to perform explosive exercises focused on maximising strength and on building power and speed.
Element+ Lat Machine
The multi-functional, custom-designed Lat Machine is ideal for working the upper limbs and the latissimus dorsi muscles in a safe, effective way from a sitting position.
Pure Benches Olympic Half Rack
Olympic Half Rack with adjustable bench is a sleek walk-through designed, durable piece of equipment with multi-angle chin handles and integrated barbell storage holder.
Elements + Kneeling Easy Chin Dip creates an effective and varied workout for chins and dips.
Two different grips on the handle allows you to vary your workout and activate different muscle groups.
Elements + Kneeling Easy Chin Dip has a folding knee pad to allow training with biomechanical support of the weight stack, or the ability to work without support.
Fixed Bar Olympic Bars
Diameter .50×2000
SET Urethane new disk 50 mm

Technogym’s new urethane-encased dumbbells are designed to offer a natural and more effective training feeling. They are highly resistant to falls and safe for use thanks to high-quality manufacturing materials and process.
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Kinesis One
Kinesis® One has all the benefits of Kinesis® in a single, stand-alone affordable station with hidden weight stacks. Providing resistance across three planes of movement, it’s also ideal for rehabilitation and personal training.
Kinesis Station Press
Easy to use for both beginners and more advanced users, Kinesis® Press Station allows you to work out by performing push movements starting from the sagittal plane to strengthen muscles and improve your everyday fitness.
Kinesis Station Overhead Press
Perform push movements on the frontal plane to improve your everyday fitness and sports fitness with the intuitive and stylishly designed Kinesis® Overhead Press Station.
Kinesis Station Low Pull
The Kinesis® Low Pull Station lets you perform pull movements that can help strengthen the back and arm muscles starting from a comfortable sitting position to make your everyday movements easier.
Group Cycle™ Connect is the world’s first and only indoor cycling bike that tracks workout, enabling users to improve their performance through a totally immersive riding experience. It combines unique design with cutting-edge connectivity, awesome feeling and unparalleled ease of use.