Booty Barre

An energetic workout that fuses techniques from Dance, Pilates and Yoga with an added cardiovascular to chisel and define the whole body.
Say goodbye to cellulite and belly fat with Booty Barre!

TRX x 2

Devised by the Navy Seals

An intense advanced class using Tabata tempos, a fast-paced full body workout.
TRX training will change the way you exercise and take your workouts to another level.
Appropriate for all levels

Rip n Ride

Take your Indoor Cycling Experience to the next level. A highly effective, high energy class format challenging you to hop on and off the bike without rest intervals. If you love spin for its high intensity nature, you’ll love this class too!

Align & Define (Barre & Pilates)

Implementing the principles of Pilates to refine your technique with a perfect mix of stretching and toning exercises designed to improve overall function, strength, balance and flexibility.

All levels

Barre Extreme

The ultimate workout for those of you who want to experience the same lengthening and toning effect of the Align & Define class, this is a much more intense class. All round athleticism for targeting a zipped-in waistline and lifted curvy behind!

All levels

TRX / BOSU 20/20

Bump up your fitness level. A fun challenging mix of strength and cardio. Be prepared to sweat and see results fast.

20 mins TRX of Body weight explosive exercises followed by 20 mins of BOSU Ball exercises to make it extra challenging, adding an element of instability to your workout forcing you to use your core to stay steady.

All levels


ICE is an Indoor Cycling Experience on the bikes for a high intensity energetic journey up hill and down dale with pumping music to get you through.

All levels


An Indoor Cycling Experience with the added abs buster workout on the mats.

All levels

Weight loss Program COMING SOON!

Scheduled to start in January / February 2018.
A sports nutrition advisor will be devising 4, 8, 12 or 16 week nutrition and sports plans for new members.
This will involve two induction days per week followed by group workouts.
There will also be a drop in clinic on Sundays for members to chat about their progress and have a weigh-in.