Enjoy training with our mywellness app!
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Discover how active you are, check your fitness, compare your performance and keep track of your records on a single screen.

Wellness Experience
Helps you to achieve your sporting, fitness and health goals in a fast, easy and fun way!
The mywellness app
Gives you an unprecedented mobile experience at Three-Sixty fitness, providing all the tools you need to achieve your training goals.
The mywellness app
Guides you step by step until you reach your goal. Personalised programmes and video tutorials show you how to complete exercises.
With the app
You will be able to store all your indoor and outdoor activity in your account and share it with your trainer to enjoy a complete Wellness lifestyle.

  • Discover all the services that THREE SIXTY FITNESS provides and choose what interests you most.
  • You will find your fitness programme, the classes you’ve booked, the challenges you’ve joined and all the other activities you’ve chosen to carry out at THREE SIXTY FITNESS
  • Check your results and monitor your progress.
  • View class timetables and book a session directly from your Smartphone wherever you are.
  • Receive a reminder the day before and an hour before the class starts.
  • The application will connect you with Technogym class equipment and track your results.
  • The app displays a variety of motivating programmes recommended by THREE SIXTY FITNESS to choose from and guides you through each exercise.

  • Track your outdoor activity
  • Track all your walking, running and cycling outdoor activities with the mywellness® app GPS.
  • The app is compatible with other apps and devices so you can track and store all your outdoor physical activities and movement to manage your Wellness lifestyle.
  • Track all your walking, running and cycling outdoor activities with the mywellness® app GPS.
  • A certified personal trainer at THREE SIXTY FITNESS will use apps and professional measuring instruments to meet your needs with a custom programme.
  • Each workout performed by you is tracked. The more you train, the higher you will rank, improving your personal record.