We have a fantastic team at THREE SIXTY FITNESS ready to help you lose weight, tone up, add muscle, or simply recover from injury.
All-round support, advice and encouragement!

Trainer / Instructor/ Therapist

I have 15 years of ballet training, and am also a Pilates Instructor and Active isolated stretch specialist.

I focus on Identifying muscular imbalances to avoid, prevent and rehabilitate possible future recurring injuries with increased flexibility and corrective exercise patterns.
Fusing my personal training sessions with innovative , movement patterns, I maximize your fitness goals and lifestyle needs to achieve the best results


Trainer/Massage Therapist.

I have been part of Three Sixty Fitness team since June 2017. Watching the gym grow in members and form its own community has been a real inspiration to me. Seeing members become more confident and achieving their goals are what I come here for.

If you are suffering from tension, muscle aches, general discomfort, or muscular scar tissue build up. Raising blood circulation to affected area, using a range of sports massage techniques will improve these issues.

Whether you have lower back pain, tight hamstrings or general muscle ache Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage can improve your posture, mood and relaxation.


Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

Before graduating as a personal trainer in 2017, I had been a chef for 10 years but decided to embark on a new career path.

I have an active background, playing many sports and competing in endurance events.

I have been always passionate about food and like to bring exciting ideas to inspire you to eat well. I am currently working towards a qualification in nutrition.

I can provide a tailor-made fitness programme and offer one to one personal training to help you reach your goal. My aim is to motivate, correct and make training a fun and rewarding experience.


Instructor / Trainer

Do you want to be happy, healthy and functionally fit well into your coming years?
Are you noticing that it’s increasingly challenging to find the motivation to stay physically active?

The good news: you don’t have to do it alone!

Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up or increase your general fitness regime, I will make sure that every second of your workout is working for you.
I will be on hand to help, motivate and support your personal health and fitness goal.
I’ll be the one that pushes you when you can’t push yourself.

I will help you to overcome your barriers and limits and will take you to the next level.
Your success is my success!


I am passionate about teaching classes which are well planned, inclusive, safe and effective. Teaching fitness classes puts me in my happy place knowing that I am helping my students towards reaching their fitness goals.

I like to welcome and encourage newbies and love helping people ease into a healthy and active lifestyle combined with a fun attitude. Therefore come and see me for all your group fitness needs and let’s begin your journey to a healthier and fitter you together!


Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer